In this first episode of the Fully Integrated Leadership podcast I talk about why I am starting this podcast:

  • Because of my own struggles with overwhelm and anxiety
  • My desire to spread the message about what I have learned so that others can overcome their own issues with overwhelm and anxiety
  • My hope that this message will spread so that our society can begin to tackle the complex challenges we face in our world today

I then go on to talk about how I’ve combined my experience as a triathlete and USA Triathlon certified coach with my learning and put this all into the Fully Integrated Leadership model.  This model is based on three beliefs:

  1. The world we face is increasingly complex – I introduce the acronym VUCA which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.
  2. Our minds are not well-suited to handle the VUCA world – our brain evolved to operate in different conditions from the ones we are asking it to operate in with VUCA.
  3. Our minds can be re-trained to thrive in VUCA – using the concept of neural plasticity, I talk about how we can consciously develop new skills to operate in this new normal.

This podcast will be a combination of solo shows, where I will talk about my own experiences dealing with the VUCA world, and interview shows, where I will introduce guests who are doing cutting-edge work to help people learn to thrive in VUCA.

Finally, I introduce the concept called the Virtuous Cycle of Learning (VCol for short) that we will leverage throughout this podcast.  This learning process comes from Lectica (link their site is below) and encourages a constant process of learning new information, applying the new information in a real-life situation, and taking the time to reflect on our experience applying the new concept.  Every show, or at least as many as I can think of will include a VCol for you to try out so you can start to develop the VUCA muscles we so desperately need today.

I hope you enjoy the show, and I look forward to deepening our relationship through this podcast.

Link to Lectica’s website:

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