In this time of great uncertainty, Martine Cannon’s voice and wisdom provide a sense of calm and compassion.  In this episode, she and I engage in an “emergent” conversation, meaning we surrender the illusion of control and allow what is to be present.  Martine encourages us to live our life from this place of surrender because it is in giving up control that clarity about right action shines through.

This is not a passive stance.  Rather, it is an active choice to let go and be still enough to realize what’s best in this moment…for ourselves, for others, for the planet.  Martine and I share some of our favorite ways of accessing the deep inner knowing that resides within all of us, and we give some steps people can take to bring more peace and calm in this time of overwhelming struggle with COVID-19.

Martine Cannon has been a consultant, performance coach and speaker across Europe and Australia for eight years. She specialises in helping organisations work with how they can develop sustainable leaders and sustainable practices. Her clients include Blue Chip organisations in Retail, Finance, Telecommunications, Media and Consulting.

Martine is a thought leader on vitality leadership, which addresses the complexities of being an inspirational and effective leader from a place of personal vitality. She believes truly effective, responsible and stable leadership can only be achieved when the individual is fully vital and operating from a strong personal axis.

In her private practice Martine has helped people cure terminal disease, radically change their life situations, find untapped potential and move to the absolute top of their professions. She has helped organisations rethink their approach to human performance, communication and organisation effectiveness, realising that how we think about business and our life has implications for how we act.

Martine Cannon has a Masters in Organisation Consulting & Sustainable Leadership from Ashridge Business School.

Prior to this Martine worked for seven years in the Human Capital Management sector. She held the General Management role for a UK business employing 1500 people and specialised in business performance improvement and organisation effectiveness. Before this Martine Cannon was a Business Consultant working with mid-sized organisations on strategic development, people and communications.