In this episode, I share a practice called “simulcasting” where you both experience the objective world while also maintaining awareness of your awareness.  I believe we sit at the dawn of a fourth major human revolution, one that is born out of frustration and fear but also out of a hope and optimism that we can overcome the existential challenges of our time.  This will be a revolution of consciousness where we individually and collectively begin to live as conscious beings, aware of our experiences and making choices from that open awareness.  This is not some theoretical idea…I experience life as a simulcastor every day and it makes me a better leader, a better father, a better husband and a better citizen of the planet.  When I experience anger, there’s a major part of me (my awareness) that is not angry.  When I notice the desire to be right and control others, I simultaneously notice there’s a major part of me that does not need to be right or control.  Living from this place, where we balance our experiences with our awareness, is what defines that consciousness revolution.  It will allow us to open ourselves up to our higher creative potential so we can solve the problems we face on the planet today.