In this episode of the Fully Integrated Leadership Podcast I welcome my friend, former colleague, and Chief People Officer of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Mike Tetreault.  For the past four years, Mike has been leading a team that is responsible for scaling VUCA leadership skills and competencies across the 4300 employees of one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations.  Mike shares his own learning journey as he discovered the VUCA concept and how it informed his personal and leadership development.  We then talk about the seven competencies he and others are focusing on in developing leaders at TNC, and then he talks about how they are designing learning and development to grow these competencies to help them tackle complex challenges like climate change.  He finishes off the interview giving us a practice called the After Action Review, something teams can use to ensure learning is a continuous process.

There are a number of concepts, models, and frameworks that Mike and I refer to during the conversation.  I encourage you to explore the following resources prior to listening to the interview:

The Cynefin Framework is an explanatory model that helps leaders identify which of four realms they are operating in…simple, complicated, complex, and chaotic.  To learn more about this framework and its use, check out the following video: You Tube Cynefin Framework Explanation

Mike refers to “Adult Developmental Stages” and the name Torbert at one point in the interview.  Here is more on what he is referring to: Seven Transformations of Leadership Article

In different parts of the interview Mike refers to an organization called Conversant.  Here is a link to their website: Conversant Website

This is an awesome conversation with a wise and caring man who is leading amazing work in an organization that is trying to tackle VUCA challenges.