In this episode, I am joined by Mark Rako Fabionar, an incredible soul of a man who has committed his life and work to healing people, organizations, and systems.  Rako cultivates transformative environments for people to experience deeper connection, insight, and well-being. He is sought after for his healing presence and capacity to support people during times of transition. Rako has created equity-focused centers and leadership programs for universities, retreat centers, and other learning organizations, and has trained people within the US and abroad in regenerative approaches to community development and organizational design.

Rako believes that systemic change requires us to address our challenges or wounds, especially those which persist from generation to generation. Without skillful intervention, these inherited forms of conditioning adversely – sometimes even perversely – shape our behavioral and institutional patterns, extending this impact to our intimate relationships, families, workplaces, communities, and the Earth as a whole.

To support this kind of transformational work, Rako draws heavily from western developmental psychology and indigenous knowledge systems, as well as insights from culture studies and time-tested wisdom traditions. This is a deep and informative conversation that is filled with nuggets of wisdom for individuals and organizations.