In this 12th episode, I interview Dr. Ruben Perczek about his life and experiences as a high performance athlete, coach, speaker, and spiritual practitioner.  Dr. Ruben is a highly sought after speaker, coach, and advisor to individuals, teams, and organizations, but it is his story and his life experiences that are the most fascinating part of who he is.  He challenges us to constantly ask ourselves the question Why am I here?  Who am I? And these are not questions that are to be answered with our minds, but instead with our entire being and the greater energy/awareness that we all have access to.

Ruben shares his story of walking away from the world of professional sports at 21, how his lineage helped him to see how power and the desire to win can have dire impacts, and where spirituality and knowledge of self sit at the center of being a “successful” person.

He also shares his “7 Roots of Potential” that he has gleaned from being a high performer and working with/coaching high performers for 30 years.  These are the 7 intentions or signals that you are living from a place of high potential.  The include an openness to learning (about self, others, and the world), having a curious attitude, an ability to partner with others, and being about something bigger than yourself.  He shares all 7 of these high potential areas and then challenges the listeners to become aware of our experience and the way we each construct our reality.

A few items that Ruben mentioned during the interview:

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