In this episode of the Fully Integrated Leadership Podcast, I welcome my friend and colleague Dr. Theo Dawson from Lectica.  Lectica’s mission is to “help the world think better” by supporting optimal learning—the kind of learning that can be applied immediately in everyday life and work—while creating the foundational knowledge, dispositions, and skills that support lifelong learning.  Dr. Dawson and her colleagues have done an amazing job of defining the VUCA skills needed in leadership, how to measure for these skills through their assessments, and how to support leaders to become lifelong learners.

Dr. Dawson and I talk about a number of topics in this interview, including:

  • How Lectica is working to shift our educational system to help create lifelong learners
  • What is VUCA and what are the key skills needed to lead in VUCA? These skills include perspective coordination, collaborative capacity, contextual thinking, decision-making, and argumentation.
  • What is the “Virtuous Cycle of Learning”  (VCol) and how can we apply it to our everyday lives?

At the end of the interview, Dr. Dawson gives the audience a mini VCol to help deepen a VUCA skill.

To learn more about Dr. Dawson and Lectica, please visit