In this episode, I welcome my friend and mentor Steve Beckett.  Steve is an amazing human being and has such deep wisdom as we all navigate the situation with Covid-19.

We talk about the situation as it stands in the UK and the US as of March 17, 2020, including:

  • How quick people are to label “the elderly” and “the medically compromised” as though they are a mere category
  • Where Steve is seeing the rallying of community in the face of a “tsunami” that is coming for both countries in the coming weeks
  • How the Integral quadrants inform our approach to daily life (including specific practices Steve is doing to regulate his nervous system and remain centered)
  • What we are seeing in the “system” in terms of values, trade-offs, and lessons learned

We then do a deep dive into why President Trump is making the decisions he is and why he has been approaching this Covid-19 situation with such arrogance.  Steve takes us through multiple leadership frameworks to make sense of what seems so senseless to those of us living through it in the US.

Steve then walks us through a practice we can all use to regulate ourselves and ensure we are getting out of “fight or flight” mode in a time of overwhelming information coming at all of us.

Here are some links that Steve shared after the interview that I am already finding to be immensely helpful and interesting:

Steve’s bio:

Steve’s Covid-19 Spotify Playlist:

Good Podcast about Immunity:
Sense-making in Corona times:
Singularity University Summit on Corona:
Crowd sourced Corona Handbook – great for communities with templates etc: