In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with the founder of Conscious Leadership Academy, Dr. Jan Bellerman.  Jan is a former IT executive who had a series of profound experiences that set him on a life journey to uncover the mysteries of human consciousness.  He has since applied his learning to the field of leadership development and now trains leaders on how to think and act in more conscious ways.  Jan and I explore a number of topics, including:

  • How different levels of leaders are approaching the COVID-19 situation, comparing his home country of Germany to other European countries and the US;
  • The default mode of the brain to be in “protection mode” and how we can shift into “growth mode”;
  • How to reverse engineer our actions to our consciousness to show why we take the actions we do;
  • How to access different types of intuition to listen to a deeper sense of knowing as we encounter novel and uncertain situations as leaders

To find more about Jan, visit his website at:

He also mentioned the Barrett Values Centre, which you can find at