In this episode, I once again “go solo” to talk about the point in time we find ourselves in right now.  I cover a number of topics, including:

  • Why now is such a critical time: we have developed the power to destroy ourselves but do not yet have the wisdom to wield such power
  • How every time our species has faced problems it cannot solve we have risen to the occasion and leapt forward in our individual and collective consciousness
  • Now is the time for the fourth great human revolution (the other three are the Agricultural Revolution, the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution). I am calling this next leap in human thinking the “Consciousness Revolution”
  • We have a “map” of how to evolve our consciousness.  Adult Developmental Theory has been researching how our individual thinking can evolve over the course of our lives.  And Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics shows that our collective consciousness can also evolve over time.
  • We can use this map to aid ourselves in a personal learning journey to develop greater wisdom about ourselves, about one another, and about the systems we exist in on this planet
  • How the “Holographic Principle” of the universe shows that change at the individual level impacts the whole.  Do your own work and it has ripple effects across the planet
  • How we need to change paradigms for our human story: moving from seeing ourselves as insignificant creatures who must simply sit and watch as the march of time passes us by to seeing ourselves as creators of our reality (leveraging the power of quantum physics)

This is a podcast episode I am very proud of because it encourages us to step up to a new human story, one that is about empowerment, collaboration and creativity.  We stand at the dawn of a New Renaissance.