In the third episode of the Fully Integrated Leadership podcast, I welcome my friend and former coach from Apheno Advisory Dr. Barrett C. Brown.  Barrett is a world-renowned coach and thought leader in the space of leader and organizational development.  He holds a Phd in organizational systems and has helped numerous businesses and nonprofit leaders learn the skills needed to thrive in VUCA conditions.

Barrett and I talk about a number of topics during the interview, including:

  • What he sees as the key differences in the skills most leaders have and the ones they need to manage complex dilemmas
  • How he works with leaders and organizations to help them develop new skills for leading in VUCA
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and how they show up in the nervous system
  • Sharing his thoughts on what it takes to lead “transformational change”

Towards the end of the interview, Barrett shares a Virtuous Cycle of Learning to help turbocharge VUCA leadership.

Resources mentioned during the interview include:

Link to Apheno Advisory and Barrett’s bio:

Link to Barrett’s paper on “Conscious Capitalism”: