In this episode, we continue the exploration into our “fundamental self” as a way of collectively accessing the Consciousness Revolution that is being called for on our planet today.  We sit at a crossroads in the human story…in one direction, we choose to continue our path of self-destruction, exploitation and competition against one another.  This path will lead to, I believe, a major extinction event for our planet.  The other path is one where we individually and collectively reconnect with our essence, found in the blending of the head and the heart, where collaboration and cooperation are the accepted paradigms.  This path will lead to a more peaceful and happy future for the planet.

To connect with our true self, I am recommending the direct path, a practice that connects us with the irreducible, consistent awareness that is our true self.  We have become accustomed to noticing the parts of ourselves that are fleeting and impermanent…the thoughts, emotions, objects, relationships that exist outside of ourselves.  In this practice, we come back to experiencing that which precedes and remains when all fleeting objects disappear.

In today’s episode, we explore the practice of self-enquiry, something that Ramana Maharshi recommended to each of his students.  In this practice, we aim to break down the belief that ourselves exist in our minds and bodies, instead realizing we are the very consciousness that witnesses the body, the mind, the emotions, the thoughts, the sensations, and the perceptions.  This is a deceptively simple practice that has far-reaching impacts on how we show up in the world, how we make decisions, and how we experience ourselves, others and all of reality.

Those of us who are here now volunteered to be here at this time.  I believe we are here to show the power of our awareness.  Doing so first requires us to connect with the awareness itself, through experience.