In this episode, I welcome professional mountain biker and Integral Coach Ryan Leech.  Ryan is the founder and head coach of the Ryan Leech Connection, an online mountain biking skills training company with a mission to cultivate a lifelong passion for the sport of mountain biking.  Through his 20 year-long career as a pro mountain biker, Ryan performed thousands of stunt shows around the world with clients such as Cirque du Soleil, IMBA, and Crankworx.

Ryan and I cover a number of topics in this interview, including:

  • What is the flow state and what are the four ways you can access it?
  • How “down-time” has helped Ryan with breakthroughs in his personal and professional life
  • How he’s transforming his business to have more depth and communion with his fans, clients, and followers
  • How his life has been shaped by his adoption and how he’s using it to understand why he is here and what impact he is trying to have on the planet
  • Dealing with hardships in life and how to stay with the pain rather than medicating or getting away from it

At the end of the interview, Ryan shares a practice for communing with nature and how this helps him to stay grounded and present.

To learn more about Ryan and his work, go to The Ryan Leech Connection Website.

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